Arts Quest – National Heights and Hopes

 Join the live-streamed Arts Quest – Heights and Hopes Summit.

I’ll be attending the Arts Quest – Heights and Hopes Summit in Canberra on 12 February.  Robyn Archer will open the Summit and Peter Garrett will be the Keynote Speaker. Christopher Lawrence will MC and host the Q&A Panel Facilitator. Other speakers include: Professor David Throsby, Richard Gill, and more.

For the message that ‘youth arts is essential’ to be successfully communicated, it needs the voice and support not only from our grass-roots passion, but also top-down from all levels of Government.  This national summit is timely, given that we’ll have some feedback from our Arts Minister by Thursday 7 Feb on QLD’s ‘State of the Arts’.

The Summit promotes itself as one that will ‘identify issues, aspirations, and solutions relating to arts practice and arts education in Australia and consist of powerful, cultural debate with clear, pragmatic outcomes’.  The last thing anyone wants is another summit that repeats conversations we’ve had in the past, or goes in circles with no distinct outcomes.  I look forward to the conversations, and to asking Garrett about why ‘Powering the Young’ disappeared from the second draft of the National Cultural Policy.

I have shared our vision for the QLD youth arts sector with the organisers so that we might continue to build upon from all of our past outcomes from industry consultation, forums and experiences.  I am a firm believer that we should collaborate to work smarter together and be generous with information to reach a greater collective goal for positive change.

ArtsHub will furthermore, present the findings of a National Arts Survey. Please take the time to contribute to this survey. It’s is another way to quickly highlight your summary of experiences of what actions you’d like to see in the short-term and long-term for change.

It’s a great exercise to do so that we can all identify these answers for ourselves, and to share our visions for the arts and culture in Australia. It’s also vital for the youth arts sector have strong representation in such surveys.

Although the public submissions to the National Cultural Policy closed quite some time ago last year, I have been advised that the outcomes of this survey will be used for future recommendations National Cultural Policy development.  I am eagerly awaiting its release; and consider the sooner, the better (or at least before the September election).


About:  Arts Quest – Heights and Hopes Summit.  Its theme is Living and Learning Creatively – Shaping Our Future Together, and will provide recommendations for the evolving National Cultural Policy, and to facilitate exciting mentoring opportunities for artists of all ages.

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