Director’s Blog – February

YAQ members and friends,

I wanted to keep you in the loop with what’s taking place at YAQ. We have a huge number of exciting activities and programs in motion, which we look forward to rolling out and sharing with you soon.  So stay tuned and get excited about what’s to come in the immediate to short-term.  These include:


It’s the year of Connectivity at YAQ!  What does this mean?  It means that we will be researching and mapping the sector to find out who’s who in our industry, connect or re-connect with you, and then link you with each-other  = Step 1 towards improving unity within our sector state-wide.

Once we’ve launched the free membership strategy, we’ll increase our level of conversation, and encourage you to do the same.

Free YAQ membership

YAQ membership will be free in 2013.  Join anytime this year to take advantage of our membership benefits until 1 Feb 2014.

Join with this link now

YAQ membership can provide you with the information, networks and professional development opportunities you need to stay up to date with industry updates, find a partner for your next project, add to your knowledge and skills required for working with young people in the arts and creative industries, or add your voice to collective advocacy for the future of youth arts.  More about YAQ membership here

But YAQ’s not made of money, why’s it free?  We are seeking to dramatically increase the networks and connectivity with industry stakeholders, and young artists/artsworkers in Queensland =  Step 2 towards unity we’re thinking like Google; make it free and they will come.  (Plus, we know that you’re not made of money either).

I’m already on the free e-newsletter list so that’s the same thing, right?  Nope.
By actively joining YAQ, you will help our cause to enable children and young people from across the state to access, engage in, create and forge careers in the arts. You will be supporting and sustaining the peak body that is here to support you and collectively strengthen the industry and our community network.  There’s power in numbers.

Plus, many of you have signed up to our newsletter with only an email address, so we don’t know who you all are. By providing more information about yourself, you will be assisting YAQ to increase our relevance to you, our members.

Updates to Young People Creating Queensland

The YPCQ site ( was launched in 2009. It is a brilliant tool that continues to help young creatives in Queensland to build a profile, gain exposure and expand your own network amongst like-minded people.

But we understand that it’s a little outdated, and so we’re working on updating it to improve its relevance…

  • If you are a young artist/artsworker, this website can be used to showcase your talent, connect with peers, and network with professional organisations for career development opportunities. We will be adding fields such as ‘What are you seeking (internship/networking/work etc)’.  We will also introduce the ability to upload more examples of your work, with different platforms.
  • We will open this website to organisations and industry professionals over 30 so that you can use this website to profile yourself as a supporter of the youth arts sector, or you can simply search the site to connect with young artists or artsworkers to find seek potential interns/commission artists/staff etc.
  • We don’t want to loose those people who signed up in 2009 but may now be over 30, so we’re creating a new category for you so that you can still be engaged with and show your support of the youth arts sector.


Our additional long-term goals for YAQ in 2013 include:

  • Creation of face-to-face professional development events and an online professional development series
  • Creation of networking events where industry conversations can take place
  • Continuation of our personalised advice and support for young artists
  • Continuation of auspicing support
  • And more.


We have reasonably short timeframe and budget in which to achieve organisational sustainability and meaningful industry connectivity and exchange.  But together, we can do it!  (There’s nothing better than a real goal for motivation…)

And it’s really great to be here, so thanks for having me.

Cheers, Imogene Shields
Creative Director

Ps – Please do participate in the Arts Minister’s webinar 9.10 am on Thursday 7th Feb.  A little birdy at Arts QLD just told me that Youth Arts is a priority for the meeting.  We’re all very intrigued to hear what they’ve got to say.  And thank you to everyone who copied me in to your questions to the Minister.

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