Are you an established artist, events coordinator, teacher, business owner, youth or community worker, parent or volunteer that engages young people in a creative context?

Do you facilitate arts workshops, organise mural projects, develop plays and support young people in your community to put on their own gigs, exhibitions and events?

Or you are an emerging artist or artworker that wants to find their way into the industry, build connections and gain support for an upcoming project?

Then you are part of a state-wide and national network of industry and community practitioners that support young people in accessing, engaging in and creating art.

Working with young people in the arts and creative industries requires specialised knowledge and we are here to support you in your role. Regardless of where in Queensland you live and operate, we are dedicated to providing you with a targeted, responsive and flexible industry development program that includes;

  • networking events,
  • professional development initiatives and workshops,
  • links to practitioners in your local area and beyond,
  • individual advice and consultations,and
  • resources, up-to-date information and profiling opportunities.

Our events, initiatives and workshops strategically address the aspirations and priorities set out in Horizons, the children and young people in the arts sector vision 2009 – 2013.

If you are looking for a partner to support your next project, see our partnering section for more information.

Our consultations provide an opportunity for us to hear about your current projects, discuss issues and hear your feedback about our work.

We have dedicated our educators section to those of you who work with young people in a school or university context and want to stay connected with the arts industry.

See the membership section for additional services and membership benefits.