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As part of YAQ’s targeted and responsive industry development program, we regularly organise events that provide arts practitioners working with young people in the arts and creative industries with opportunities to network, find out about industry offers and profile their work.


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2013 Upcoming YAQ Activities:


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2013 Past event:

So you wanna do smarter more effective marketing by John Paul Fischbach

Presented by Youth Arts Queensland and Queensland Theatre Company

18 & 19 March 2013

About Day 1 – Professional Development 18 March

John Paul Fischbach discussed how language is the key to better promoting your product or art.  The Workshop and Seminar – So you Wanna Learn Smarter More Effective Marketing – provided participants with the skills, language and mindset to change the way they talk about their art by using Value Based Language.

Value Based Language is a new way of thinking about your work and how to connect with others about what you do in a more meaningful way.  John Paul Fischbach from Auspicious Incubator delivered this workshop and seminar as an inspired marketing strategy.

John Paul is an international producer and director of both theatre and film. In 1997 he transitioned his large theatre company to using Value Based Language and continues to be a passionate advocate of changing the way we talk about the art.

 “If you have all the money you need, all the support you can use and have the audience you want… GREAT… if not, it is time to learn to talk about your art in a way that will create more money, more support and a bigger audience.  

 We have to stop talking about the art and learn the language of value and benefit…We’ve never been good at selling, but we are awesome at sharing our passion.  Learn when and how – the secret of Value Based Language”  John Paul Fiscbach


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About Day 2 – Youth Arts Roundtable 19 March

This day of development focused on using Value Based Language for the benefit of the entire youth arts industry- rather individual or organisational outcomes.

John Paul steered the group to enhance the way we collectively talk about the value of the arts in the lives of children and young people, how we convey the value of the arts for children and young people as essential, and proactively shape the future of our industry.  It was a great activity that helped connect youth arts industry leaders, improve the language we use to convey our collective industry, and work together to make and influence positive change.

Since that day, the QLD Youth Arts Roundtable group has formed and decided to meet regularly.  The group has had three meetings since, the group has grown considerably (any YAQ members are welcome to join), we were approached by Arts Queensland and participated in their Arts for All Queenslanders face-to-face consultation, and Arts Minister Ian Walker has agreed to meet with the group on 20 June.



“A really wonderful and engaging presenter, with such a wealth of knowledge.  It was extremely beneficial, and I am extremely glad that I attended”

“I really enjoy the concept of the ‘learned’ and ‘learning’.  I am trying my absolute best to get out of that ‘learned’ headspeace, and I do believe we’ve already made some positive changes by introducing a slight change in the way we think”

“The most rewarding and thought provoking seminar I have been to in years”

Key learnings I remember:  

  • Value the things from the heart more than the dollars and the rest will follow
  • Find out what your audience like and give them that.
  • There is always a better way to do things..keep learning, dont be one of the learned..
  • Don’t waste your time talking about your work – talk about the value of the work and what your audience will get out of it.
  • That benefits and values can stem from the idea/inspiration BEHIND the story/performance/programming, not just the performance itself.




Top:  Photo credit: Elleni Toumpas