YAQ’s industry initiatives strategically address the key areas, or ‘aspirations,’ set out in Horizons, the children and young people in the arts sector vision 2009 – 2013.  Beyond 2013, YAQ looks to continue to lead areas that need to be addressed into the future, with industry consultation and YAQ’s existing industry knowledge.

We will continue to improve working closely with our members, industry partners, community-based organisations, educators and government bodies to deliver and provide:

  • relevant and up-to-date information services and tailored advice,
  • unique opportunities for consultation, collaboration and professional development,
  • access to state-wide and national networks of industry and community practitioners, and
  • targeted engagement, training and career development opportunities.

YAQ’s key focuses and themes for the organisation and sector going forward are:

2013:  Connectivity

2014:  Exchange

2015:  Diversity

2016:  Sustainability


The initiatives YAQ undertakes in the years going forward will all contain strive to achieve these short-term and long-term goals.  We encourage you, our members, to match these objectives for your organisation and the industry as a whole.