You are looking for a partner for your next project and don’t know where to start?

YAQ can offer you different partnership levels for your project:

  • project partner – we come on board and take an active role in getting a joint project off the ground and share in the responsibility of making it a success;
  • supporting partner – we provide support and advice to your project as required; or
  • auspicing body – we support your project as a financial manager; this partnership level applies for grant schemes that require the grant recipient to have deductible gift recipient status or to be an incorporated organisation. This applies to a range of grant schemes that individual artists and unincorporated collectives or groups can apply for.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with various organisations, artists and collectives and helped them in making their projects a success. Recent examples include:


letters of support

We are most happy to provide our members with letters of support for program, funding and fellowship applications. If you need a letter of support, please contact us and provide the following details or a draft letter including;

  • your name, position and company name (as applicable),
  • name of the program, grant or fellowship you are applying to,
  • title and brief description (max. two paragraphs) of your project or work you are seeking funding for, and
  • a brief overview (max. two paragraphs) about your company and / or previous experience.

Please note that we require at least 3 working days notice for any letter of support enquiry.

Letters of support are only available to YAQ members.  Join now, it’s free for 2013.


As a young artists or artsworker, or as an arts collective or group,  you may find that certain grants or funding allocations are only available to fully incorporated organisations. You may still be eligible to apply to these grants with the support of a so called ‘auspicing body’, an incorporated organisation that will manage the grant on your behalf.

If you require an auspicing body, please call Alex on 07-3252-5115 and discuss how we can help you reach the auspicing requirements to apply for your grant.  We have acted as auspicing body for a wide range of independent emerging artists and collectives in the past. Following an initial chat, we will have to provide information for your funding application and sign it before your submission deadline.

If the funding application is successful, we will draft an auspicing agreement. The grant money will be paid to YAQ and we will pay it out to you on an agreed schedule. As part of our auspicing role, we will also undertake any financial reporting you have to do – the financial management of your project is ultimately our responsibility.

To acknowledge this responsibility, YAQ charges an auspicing fee. This is added on top of your grant application so you aren’t out of pocket!

Auspicing is great way for accessing funding that you would otherwise not be eligible for – plus it takes away most of the complicated financial worries and headaches of your project.

Please note that we require at least 7 working days notice for any auspicing enquiry.

Auspicing is only available to YAQ members.  Join now, it’s free for 2013.



Examples of members we’ve assisted in the past:


Optica12 is a program of twelve screen-based works by young emerging artists running monthly in the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts shop-front windows throughout 2011. Curated by with the assistance of the Judith Wright Centre Of Contemporary Arts, YAQ supports this program by providing ongoing advice and promotional support. For more information, visit

Melody Woodnutt:

Melody & Angela In 2009, YAQ supported and auspiced young artist and 2008 YAMP participant Melody Woodnutt in her application for the Nes Listamidstod Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland. This amazing residency resulted in exhibitions in both Iceland and Brisbane and across-the-globe collaborations.

If you’re interested in Melody’s work, visit her website.

All partnerships YAQ enters into have a memorandum of understand (MOU) attached to it that clearly outlines the responsibilities of each party involved. MOUs are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Have a look at our partners and sponsors section to see some of the organisations we currently partner with.

If you are looking for artform specific project support, we can help you identify and get in touch with potential partners. Simply contact us to set up a consultation.